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Armello: The Board Game
Playtest Materials

This page has all of the resources and links needed for those invited to playtest Armello: The Board Game.

At this stage, playtesting is by invitation only. Please do not share these materials.


Download the Rulebook

The rulebook is provided as a PDF from our site.

As we make changes, this page will always have the latest version.


Updated: 16 May 2024



Subscribe on Tabletop Simulator

To participate in the playtest, you’ll need to own Tabletop Simulator on Steam.

The host also needs to subscribe to Armello: The Board Game on Steam Workshop.

Once subscribed, Steam will automatically download the latest version of the save file whenever you launch Tabletop Simulator.


Complete the Survey

After each play, please provide your game data and thoughts in a playtest survey.

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